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National Tender Board


National Tender Board (NTB) is mandated with Announcing and tendering national projects throughout Somaliland.

Roads Development Agency (RDA) is mandated with planning, designing, constructing, implementing and maintaining roads throughout Somaliland.

The European Union (EU), the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Somaliland Government and GIZ - Sustainable Road Maintenance Project has made funds available for the rehabilitation and maintenance of priority roads in Somaliland.

National Tender Board (NTB) therefore invites eligible firms on behalf of Roads Development Agency (RDA) to submit technical and financial bids for carrying out road construction and maintenance works on a 60km section of the Hargeisa – Kalabaydh road in Somaliland. More specifically, the Firm will carry out the following services:

  1. Repairing/Improvements of existing culverts and construction of new culverts.
  2. Pothole repair.
  3. Asphalt layering on approx. 60km and road surface marking approx. 60km.
  4. Construct and install road traffic signs.

Interested Firms must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services by providing description of similar assignments and appropriate skills. The Firm must indicate in their bid the specific qualified staff with the requisite qualifications to perform the services. The Firm must provide the following:

  1. Copies of certificate of incorporation / registration for local firms.
  2. Registration with the Ministry of Public Works as a road contractor in the relevant category.
  3. Registration with the National Tender Board.
  4. Copy of registration license of the company.
  5. Tax compliance certificate from Somaliland Ministry of Finance.
  6. Capability to perform the services: Company Profile, Brochures, description of assignment and experience in similar projects e.g. provide reference letters.
  7. CVs of the respective technical staff and professional references.
  8. Document with contact details of company (address/email/phone).
  9. List of construction equipments to be deployed i.e. Make and Type, Year of Manufacture, Capacity, Ownership and number to be deployed.
  10. Proof of financial capability i.e. Financial volume of construction works carried out for the last three years and balance sheets for the last three years.

The Firm can obtain the (TENDER) documents, which contain more details and forms to be completed from the office of National Tender Board (NTB) from 15 October - 18 October 2018. Additional clarifications may also be obtained by sending an enquiry email to

Eligible Firms should submit their (TENDER) clearly marked (Road Rehabilitation Hargeisa - Kalabaydh) in plain sealed envelopes in the Tender Box situated at the NTB Offices, Hargeisa not later than 05 November 2018 @10:00hrs (East African Time). Only the prequalified Companies will be contacted for site visits

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